Ruben Sierra, Jr. / Merchandising Manager

Ruben Sierra, Jr.

Ruben Sierra, Jr. was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He is a third generation jeweler, and has never dreamed of doing anything different. While still in High School, he became a jeweler’s apprentice under his father, Ruben Sierra, Sr. After designing and manufacturing jewelry for 8 years, he entered in to the world of sales.

In 2003, Ruben joined Thomas Markle Jewelers (TMJ). After excelling as a sales professional, he envisioned his purpose within the company and wanted to be a part of its seemingly steady expansion. Throughout his years with TMJ, Ruben has taken on different roles within the company and in 2015, he became the Vice President of Merchandising. With his extensive jewelry background and experience with our elite clients, Ruben has been able to bring individualized pieces of jewelry that tailor to all of our clients. It is Ruben’s passion to hand select pieces that our clients will wear for a lifetime.

Tom and Ruben work closely to develop and expand the Thomas Markle brand by introducing TMJ’s exclusive Couture and Private Label line. The creation of both lines begins with collaboration between Tom, Ruben and top designers. They start with a detailed sketch to bring their vision to life. Once the sketch is perfected, skilled artisans start the creation of our unique pieces. Ruben then reviews the final product to ensure quality excellence. His goal is to take something classic and go above that by incorporating a unique twist that will tailor to each client.  Seeing the two lines come to life and setting the TMJ brand apart through drive and passion is a vision come true.

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