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9595 Six Pines Dr
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The Woodlands, TX 77380 (Map)

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Angie Forester

Angie Forester
Sales Associate – The Woodlands
Works At:

Since being welcomed to TMJ in 2003, Angie has really gotten to know almost every client. When Thomas Markle Jewelers says we have a first-name basis atmosphere, it is very apparent in Angie’s friendships with her clients. She has embraced our culture from day one, making her an incredibly loved associate within the TMJ Company. 

“I got a call from Tom asking me to come work for him in May of 2003 - immediately took the job. What drew me in was the merchandise they carried. It was unlike anything I had sold before and I was immediately in love. With that came the love of getting to know people. I truly care about each client that comes to TMJ. I enjoy getting to know them, their families, and helping them pick out the perfect piece. I get great joy out of selling a piece that is meaningful to the person. My clients really become friends over the year, and those friendships are what drive me.”