Lisha Wu

Lisha Wu
Sales Associate - The Woodlands
Works At:

Lisha moved from Hawai’i to Houston in January 2018 and immediately joined the Thomas Markle Jewelers team. Lisha’s positive attitude and wonderful laugh is the perfect fit for our Woodlands team. She is an expert in diamonds as she sold only engagement rings for 5 straight years – and was a Hearts on Fire Champion for 4 of those years (which is a very tough feet!)!  Lisha’s dedication, passion, and pride for diamonds shows each and every day!  We can’t wait to congratulate her on 5-years of Hearts on Fire Championship soon! 


“I absolutely love showing engagement rings to happy couples. Educating them about the beauty of a diamond is my passion! Building a relationship with the engaged couple is really the icing on the cake for me and what makes this career so rewarding.”