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Having a custom piece of jewelry made shouldn't be expensive or intimidating! At Thomas Markle Jewelers, we help you get started without any deposits. We know that if our designers are listening to you, the design will be spectacular and you will be excited to move your project into production. Our clients have the comfort of knowing they will see a 3D prototype and visual renderings before making a commitment to the production of their design. Our no-mistake approach removes your worry and gives you the comfort and confidence you desire when creating a one-of-a-kind piece!

Thomas Markle Jeweler's master artisans and skilled designers create high quality custom jewelry built to become legacy and heirloom pieces. Superior quality, reasonable pricing, and our passion about customer service make the entire experience a pleasure.


Step One: Come in with inspiration!

This could be anything from an existing piece seen in our showroom to a photograph of a feeling you would like to evoke. The point is to design something that brings you back to a good place in your life or celebrate the creation of brand new memories. 


Step Two: Custom Design Process

Now we head to our factory to create a 3-D image using Computer Aided Design (CAD). One of our expert CAD designers will then turn your custom jewelry design ideas into a reality with ArtCam or Counter Sketch. This state of the art technology brings the piece to life in a timely manner. Changes and alterations can easily be made to ensure the piece meets or exceeds your expectations.


Step Three: Wax Mold

Now that we have the CAD design done, a wax/plastic mold of the piece is created. This is the actual mold of the custom piece to display all the features, details and overall size of the product. It will give you a very good idea of what the custom design piece will look like and feel like when it's complete. We generally produce an exceptional custom design draft after the step two edits, but there is still the option to bring the piece back and slightly rework it if needed.


Step Four: Cast and Complete

It is time to complete the finished product! This is one of our favorite stages of creating custom design jewelry. Now that steps one through three are complete; we will cast the piece in the metal of your choice, set all of the diamonds and gemstones and polish the piece to perfection. This is the stage where our goal is to blow you away with the final product. The custom design piece obviously means a very great deal to you, so we want to make it exceptional! In our book, the smile and feeling it creates is ultimately what calls us to do what we do.

Steps of Custom Design

Steps of Custom Design



Bent Prongs

Bent prongs can occur for a number of reasons, whether it's because you’ve accidentally dropped a heavy object on your ring, the prongs have been caught by cloth, you closed a door or drawer on your ring or it was slammed against an object.  In these situations, you run the risk of one prong or several prongs being misshapen, pulled off of the diamond or broken off entirely. Once a problem is noticed, bring your ring or piece of jewelry to Thomas Markle Jewelers for a complimentary expert assessment.


Missing Side Stones

If any of your side gemstones are missing, it is critical to bring in your jewelry to avoid more loss. Our expert staff will assess why it happened and give you a quote of the cost to replace it.


Bent Bottom Shank

Though we do not recommend working out or doing strenuous activity while wearing your ring, we know that life happens. Picking up heavy weights (with most of the weight resting on the bottom of the ring,) hitting something too hard, or any strenuous work could ultimately result in bending the bottom half of your ring.  In the event of this happening, simply bring your ring to Thomas Markle Jewelers where we can assess the damage and get your ring back in shape! 


Ring Stuck On Your Finger

In the event that your ring simply will not come off, it is best to visit our store to have your ring cut off; We typically insert a ring cutter that fits between the bottom of the ring and your finger to carefully cut a very small section off. Once this is complete, you can slowly pull the ring apart and bring it over your knuckle. After this process, it is still possible to repair the ring; ask us about the cost associated with fixing and sizing up your ring.


Loose Side Stones

If you find that any of your side stones are loose, Thomas Markle Jewelers can easily tighten the prongs or metal surrounding or holding the stone.


In-Store Jewelry Maintenance

In an effort to fix any problems that may have been previously overlooked, it is important to bring your jewelry in every six months for inspection. Not only can this potentially save you time and money - it will also catch any gemstones that may be loose before they have fallen out.



Jewelry can be a big investment, and we want to make sure that your assets are protected. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance coverage or to settle an estate, Thomas Markle  Jewelers is here to help with accurate jewelry appraisal services. We have a trained, certified Gemologist appraiser available to accurately appraise any type of fine jewelry including: engagement rings, wedding rings, watches, gold and platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry, antique and vintage jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. Contact us today by phone or email to make an appointment!



Thomas Markle Jewelers offers two types of financing options. We have Wells Fargo and Jewelers Mutual available for you. Please stop by any of our 2 locations, and we will be happy to explain the financing choices we have to offer you in further detail. Payment options are subject to credit approval.

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