Diamond Studs Upgrade Program

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Thomas Markle Diamond Studs Upgrade Program


Upgrading your diamonds is easy with Thomas Markle Jewelers. You simply bring in your original diamonds that were bought from Thomas Markle, and after a quick inspection, you will get precisely what you paid for initially to put towards a bigger pair of diamond studs! Let’s face it when you initially purchased the studs it may have been the beginning of your relationship or maybe the start of your career. Whatever the reason, they appreciated and loved their diamond stud earrings!

When shopping for a new gift sometimes what they want is already in the palm of your hands. Save money on a gift when you put your old diamond cost towards something new and bigger! They already treasure their studs and the elegant style, so give them something a bit bigger to smile about.


With Thomas Markle Jewelers you can upgrade your Thomas Markle diamond stud earrings and receive exactly what you paid for your original pair.

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*Only valid on Thomas Markle diamond stud earrings. New studs must be priced at least $1 more than the original pair. See store for details.