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At Thomas Markle, we are at your service to help you choose the Rolex watch that best suits you, within the wide range or Rolex timepieces. Our stores in Houston and The Woodlands are entirely dedicated to Rolex, and only sell guaranteed Rolex timepieces.

The Thomas Markle Jewelers Difference - Our Rolex Team

Thomas Markle - Founder & President
Thomas Markle


Thomas entered the jewelry industry at the young age of 18. His passion for 5-star experience is what kick-started the entire journey. Today, he continues to set the bar for superior service and pushes his company to be a beacon of hope for those seeking a trusted jewelry brand. Throughout the history of TMJ, Thomas has cultivated a deep commitment to the Rolex brand. For over 20 years he has learned, grown and expanded his love for their incredible products. Thanks to this partnership, Thomas Markle Jewelers has evolved into one of the premier jewelry stores in the lone-star state.

"It really is a partnership for me. I work hard every single day to ensure every single person who walks through my doors is welcomed and shown the entire Rolex experience from Hans Wilsdorf’s amazing story - it really is a passion of every member of the Thomas Markle Jewelers family. I welcome each and every one of you to come and visit our stores and see why we are so proud to be an authorized Rolex dealer."


Phil Markle has been selling Rolex for over 7 years and has achieved both intermediate and advanced Rolex training at their Long Island City, NY headquarters. In addition to the expert skill of dismantling and reassembling a Calibre 3135 movement, Phil is extremely well versed in the history of Rolex, as well as the company’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf. “Hans was a visionary in his time. Being able to overcome all the obstacles that the wristwatch encountered to become the mainstream way we all tell time.” Phil loves attending the Novelty Releases held in Switzerland and revels in getting the first look at new products. As a Rolex enthusiast, he is our resident expert and knowledgeable when introducing the product to our sales staff and customers.

"My favorite attribute about the Rolex brand is that they are able to outlive their owners and be passed down as family heirlooms for the next generation. Every time I see a man or woman inherit a Rolex they are absolutely enamored by being able to wear the watch their family member was able to enjoy for years prior to them. All the memories they have with that family member comes back to them as they are now able to wear and enjoy the watch. Every Rolex tells a story and many times the purchasing of a Rolex signifies a special time in one’s life. Purchasing a Rolex is always a great way to commemorate welcoming a new child, achieving success in their career, or marrying the man/woman of their dreams."

Phil Markle - Memorial Store President
Phil Markle
Eliaine Diaz - The Woodlands Store Manager
Elaine Diaz


Elaine has been consulting clients on luxury timepieces for over 10 years. Her focus on client experience makes her an invaluable asset to both Thomas Markle Jewelers and the Rolex brand. As one of our most caring and knowledgeable professionals, Elaine shows continued dedicated to excellence in every aspect of her world-class service.

"I love how fully committed Rolex is to everything they do. They are committed to making the best timepieces regardless of what it costs. They are also committed to making the world a better place through their “Rolex Awards of Enterprise”. Sharing and its stories year after year makes selling these fantastic timepieces so rewarding. I feel honored and proud to sell the best brand in the world - and one that is committed to making our world a better place."


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Rolex watches at Thomas Markle Jewelers in Houston, TX
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